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Royal Bank Pacific E-wallet

E-Wallet from Royal Bank Pacific is just not like all other E-Wallets which we have been using by now. Unlike other E-wallets, our Privilege Customers can not only use our E-wallet the online payments within their country but can make transactions on lot of International online sites.

The most unique feature of our E-wallet is, that our Privilege customers, sitting anywhere in the World, can also pay their utility bills of almost every country of the World. And this is not the end, with our E-Wallet, our Privilege Customers can buy their Air Tickets, pay their Hotel Bills, transfer money from wallet to wallet and from their account to wallet.

What more, with our E-wallet, we provide a White Label Credit Card to our Privilege customers which too carry unique features. We are not only focused to give our Privilege customers’, an E-wallet which is having some great Unique Features but also are highly focused of the security of their E-wallet Money and their privacy. And that’s why we believe in making our E-wallet & Credit Card completely secured by using the best of the technologies


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