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Trade Finance


Access a unique set of financial options for trade from different shores

Royal Bank Pacific understands that international trade can be complex and challenge for your business. How well do you know the customers who are sitting abroad? Which is the appropriate payment method for international transactions?

For businesses involved in import and export, the success relies on its ability to mitigate the risks involved in foreign trading and in finding the best trade finance solutions.

Royal Bank Pacific provides a comprehensive range of trade finance solutions designed to reduce your trade and credit risks involved in foreign trade. We specialize in trade finance services and products for both domestic and overseas clients.

We offer personalized services that will address your needs like helping you mitigate potential risks, buyer/supplier contractual risk, availing the right finance mix that includes pre-export finance, receivable funds, bill discounting, etc.

Our dedicated team of sector specialists will deliver you simple, fair and personal approach to trade financing. Additionally, we will assist you with deferred payment terms, accelerated cash flow and bridging funding gaps.

Whether you are an established international business or just taking the first steps towards foreign trade, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the complex areas of international trade financing.


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